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DreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks
Total 40 MAGNETIC TILES, 16 TRIANGLE AND 24 SQUARES, 2 different random colors on each side of each magnetic tile.
Compare to all other similar mega offers, our offer has the best value for your money.
The magnetic building blockswill encourage kids for creativity, brain development and critical thinking
Ailuki 110 Pieces Magnetic Building Blocks
Durable and Strong Magnet
Intelligence Development
Various Building Models
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Pattern Blocks
This sturdy wooden play board comes with 120 magnets in a variety of geometric shapes and colors
Six double-sided cards and a large magnetic surface to design your own
Includes a snap-top acrylic case with carry handles

Best magnetic toys

Do you remember when a kid’s play was just that? A kid’s play? I do because I was one of them, but nowadays it is so much more than that. There are so many studies that suggest a children’s game is more than meets the eye. The games affect the child’s cognitive functions, creativity, intelligence, hand-eye coordination, and more. It seems that every single building block in a kid’s life affects some parts of his or her brain. That is why I suggest you buy your child the best magnetic toys you can find.

The benefits of magnetic toys

While drawing improves creativity and riding a bike affects balance, magnetic toys bring to the table a considerable list of advantages. I was very curious how such a simple game can affect my child’s brain, but the more I read, the more I was convinced. There is a ton of skills your child can learn while playing with such toys. Here is what I found:

  • Magnetic toys will help your child understand three-dimensional shapes – your kid will be able to build both in 2D and 3D, which will help him visualize shapes You may think that it not necessary, but it holds a more substantial significance than you may think. It helps with his or her development, which is, ultimately, something you want.
  • Shape recognition – since magnetic toys are destined to children aged 3 or older, shape recognition is a crucial aspect at that age. It is when they start learning about circles, squares, triangles, and all other shapes. Since your child can play and learn at the same time, the knowledge will form a better foundation.
  • Building and construction skills – that can be achieved with regular building blocks just as well. However, the pieces stick together, which makes them more interesting in the child’s eyes. I remember my child was so excited when all the pieces were holding together. He mistakenly thought that they were glued. I had a laugh at his despair, and it took me a while to explain to him the difference between magnets and glue. But ultimately, you get the point.
  • Pattern learning – as you may very well know, our brain uses patterns every single day, which is why it is vital to teach pattern recognition skills at a very young age. You can achieve that with magnetic toys.
  • Learning about symmetry – magnetic toys can help your child learn about symmetry. When he or she places the magnetic shapes in a certain way, he or she can realize just how many pieces are needed on both sides. It may seem basic to you, but for children that small, this is quite the issue.
  • Hand-eye coordination – this is yet another crucial aspect at a young age. The hand-eye coordination need starts at a very young age. A child can learn that by just reaching for things, but once you add play and bright colors in the picture, the whole thing turns into a fun activity in just a second.
  • Learning about magnets – ok, this may be a little too much for a 3-year old, but a 5 or 6-year old may have another perspective. Teaching young kids science may prove to be difficult, especially if you are not good at it, but it can quickly turn into something fun with magnetic toys. I remember that I had to learn about magnets myself before explaining to my 5-year old. I knew what magnets do, I just didn’t know how. Telling that to a small child is harder than you think, but it is worth giving a try.
  • Your child will develop his or her creative intelligence – some kids are math smart, and some kids are creative smart. As you know, the brain consists of two sides, the logic and the creative. You do not know which one your kid will develop better, but if you ‘feed’ them both, you will know sooner, and you will know which one you should help develop. Magnetic toys will challenge both sides.

What to look for when buying the best magnetic toys?

Buying magnetic toys is not difficult. You can find countless sets. However, there are a few things you should take into account. Not all sets are safe for your child, which is why you should read carefully.

  • Do not buy them if your child is under the age of 3 – it says so on the packet, but many of us make the mistake of asking ourselves ‘what can happen?’ It is a huge mistake, and the recommendation is there for a reason.
  • Do not buy sets with tiny pieces – this is crucial, so please pay attention. If the set you wish to purchase has small parts, please avoid it. It is a health hazard. Children put about everything in their mouth, and if small magnets are ingested, hell will break loose. It seems that when inside the intestines, the magnets are drawn to each other. That is how your child can get in the ER with a perforated bowel. He or she will end up having major surgery. This is a terrifying scenario.
  • Make sure that the material used is not toxic – since the magnetic toy will end up, almost inevitably, in your child’s mouth, it is crucial that the plastic and the paint is not toxic. My personal recommendation is to not go for the painted magnetic toys at all. Colored plastic should suffice.
  • Do not trust all brands – I do not know if you watched the news, but there was this toy company that bought all of its toys from China. The toys were made of lousy plastic and covered in chemicals. Several children ended up hospitalized. It was a fiasco. Make sure that you read some online magnetic toys reviews to see what other parents say about the products they bought. That way you can know that the toys are safe for your child as well.

As for what to look for, that is entirely up to you. You can find sets with 40 pieces, 50 pieces, and some of them have over a hundred. Some models are made to be placed on a board, while others are three-dimensional. However, as long as there are bright colors and your child can have fun, I am sure your kid will have plenty of fun playing with the toys you buy. After all, magnetic toys may have all those fancy benefits, but your child does not know that. He or she just wants to play.

What are the best magnetic toys?

I cannot possibly know. I am telling that from the start. However, I did look online and browsed through the offers. I read a lot of reviews and even bought one set myself. With that being said, below you will find three excellent sets of magnetic toys. They are all safe for your child, and I am sure he or she will enjoy it.

DreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

The magnetic toys from DreambuilderToy are an ideal set for your child. I chose to start with these because this is the set I bought for my 5-year old. I must say that I did not expect him to be so excited about it. He immediately unpacked it wanted to play with them. I have to admit that I put them in the dishwasher just to be on the safe side. They came out perfectly fine. After that, it was all fun and games.

The set contains 40 magnetic tiles, although 3 of them went missing. I blame the dog (haha.) There are 16 triangles and 24 squares, with two different random colors on each side. The best thing is that if you have ever bought magnetic tiles for your kid, the set from DreambuilderToy is compatible with Magformers and Picasso. Personally, I did not buy them before, but I thought it is worth mentioning, just in case you did.

As for the construction, the magnetic toys from DreambuilderToy are made of high-quality original ABS material. All the pieces have been put through an ultrasonic process for ideal tightness. That way, the manufacturer makes sure that they do not break easily and are impossible to be ingested. Lastly, you can check their website for an idea book. It is not much, but it is helpful. You can play along with your kid and show him how to build several things.

Ailuki 110 Pieces Magnetic Building Blocks

The magnetic toys from Ailuki are very similar to the previous set, but that is just as far as the design goes. However, there are 110 pieces in the set, and they are a bit smaller. Even so, your child cannot fi them in his or her mouth, so you are safe as far as that is concerned. There are 40 squares, 60 triangles, 6 long triangles, and 4 pentagons. These magnetic toys will really challenge your kid to build whatever he or she wants.

Just as the previous magnetic toys, the set from Ailuki is made of high-quality ABS plastic, but instead of being tested with ultrasonic technology the manufacturer used hydrochloric acid. Rest assured that there is no trace of it on the toys once they come out the factory, so do not worry about it.

The material does not contain any trace of chemicals on them, and they have an ultra-smooth finish so that there is no danger when playing with them. Your kid can build both in 2D and 3D, and he or she will have lots of fun doing it. One of the benefits of buying this set is that you also get a carrying bag for easy storage and portability. Just in case you run out of ideas, the magnetic toys from Ailuki even arrive with a booklet.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Pattern Blocks

The magnetic toys set from Melissa & Doug is a bit different from the other two products. Your child cannot build three-dimensional shapes as well, but instead, the pieces stick to a whiteboard. While it is different, except for the 3D building skills, this set does about just as much as the other two models. Your child will learn patterns, shape recognition, and all the other benefits I mentioned above.

The set comes with 120 magnets, and they vary in geometric shapes and colors. The package contains six double-sided cards on which your child can follow the drawings. It is like coloring, only with building blocks. At the same time, you will also receive a sizeable magnetic surface so that your child can design his or her own patterns.

You may have heard that wooden toys are made of the most non-toxic materials, which is actually a plus for this set of magnetic toys. They contain no chemicals or toxins, which make them ultra safe for your precious child. Lastly, this set comes with a handy snap-top acrylic case with carrying handles, which makes the pieces easy to store, and you can take the set on vacation or wherever you may want to go.

My recommendation

While I love all three sets, and despite the fact that I bought the first one for my child, my personal favorite is the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Pattern Blocks. I love wooden toys, and this set might as well be one of the best magnetic toys you can find online. I strongly recommend them.


Toys are definitely not what they used to be, and there is a lot of accent on education while playing, fun learning and all that. It is a brilliant thing, and the children will become smarter and smarter with every generation. While magnetic toys may seem simple, they bring a lot to the table, and your child will benefit the most. Click here to buy on Amazon

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